Chromecast, true innovation


Wow, yet again Google shows that it is one of the most innovative company at the moment; Chromecast dongle, what a brilliant and simple idea with dirt cheap price tag.
And it is because of Google's openness/Open Source hugging attitude (Google wants you to hack their gadgets) and especially Android that they will keep on innovating even more and faster than the others.

I would love to get my hands on one of these dongles but it would take ages to arrive in Finland... But it seems that, I don't need it for now :-)
Thanks to Sebastian Mauer you don't even need the original Chromecast dongle to get the experience at least partly - just go to the Google Play store and install his free CheapCast app - nice naming by the way :-) It will turn your existing Android device into a kind of Chromecast device. Currently at least Youtube and Google Play work. Other Chromecast goodies may arrive later or not - please see the app details. The app seems to be developed rapidly at the moment.

The installation is dead simple - this is how I did it with on my MK808B Google TV stick (there is a blog article here about this stick) and used my Google (LG) Nexus 4 to send content to it.
(sorry about the Finnish in following pics)

The launch icon on the middle right (my MK808B homescreen) (as I had started the service already there is a service enabled notification icon on the bottom right (the TV like icon))

Let's click on it and configure a bit... nothing really, but to make it start automatically on boot. So just start it from the top right.
On the Google (LG) Nexus 4 smartphone start for example Youtube app and browse for content and hit on the TV like icon on middle top. A pop-up shows the ChromeCast... eh CheapCast devices. Just select the device.

And there is a notification that the video is being played on the CheapCast device. 

No streaming data is being routed via the Nexus 4 which could become a bottle neck on HD content. The CheapCast device fetches the content directly from the Youtube/cloud. In this setup Nexus 4 is more or less the most brilliant remote control ever invented as the CheapCast 'device' will select the appropriate app to fit the content it has been instructed to play (Youtube, Google Play, etc). With the Nexus 4 you can still pause, etc the content as you see fit.

This really rocks and I just donated 10€ to Sebastian (the developer) for doing swell job at the speed of light (there is a donation link on the CheapCast config screen).

BTW. As the CheapCast is still in beta phase and may not provide all the Chromecast functionalities you can use iMediaShare+for example eHomeMediaCenter (comes preinstalled in MK808B) setup to sling almost any content to other devices.

P.S. Whenever the real thing arrives I will be most definitely buy one for every TV in the house :-)