Summertime fun

This blog is nowhere near dead; I am just enjoying a short summer holiday.

Computers and gadgets are the essence of my civil & professional life, but IMHO every computerholic should have some other hobbies too; my (and familys) biggest effort ever was to build a house - 8 months of non stop building from ground to top (2 floors, ~170 m2 of divine space for gadgets) 

As it usually happens once you touch that hammer you become addicted to it :-)

So this summer I have been doing some heavy lifting:

Green house

This has been on my to-do list for a long time. Building one is not that big of a task (2 evenings) but actually taking care of the green stuff (too many to list here); we are now self-sufficient when it comes to salads etc


Sauna is the essence of Finnish soul landscape and nothing beats building one (BTW. it's really easy!); my parents-in-law have a nice summer place and their renovation was not doing that great so I decided to get my hands dirty for two weeks - fixed the wall behind sauna stove and laid bricks etc to build a shower corner.

Those ceramic tiles were a royal PITA - in The Fifties they had no clue how to build straight walls :-)

I need to give extra credit to my father for teaching me the basics how to build things and most of all for the right attitude; you can master any craft if you want it bad enough!

It is back to business within a week; a lot of interesting stuff coming (Raspberry Pi, 1wire, OW-Server, white elephant eh Nexus 4, etc). Stay tuned.