OneNote alternative for Linux

Microsoft Office is the best overall Office suite out there at the moment. Period... Sadly.

At the work I use MS Office daily but at home with Linux only environment that option is not available.
There are excellent alternatives to MS Office available but there is one part of Office family apps I have been looking for a long time... OneNote.

Once in a while I Google for alternatives; many have been suggested (like Tomboy, Wiki like solutions (Atlassian is good!), Xournal, NixNote, NeverNote, KeepNote, sNotes, RedNotebook, Lonote (rather good), etc) but none has come even close with usability and easy syncing of notes between machines.
Online apps are out of the question although there are some really good alternatives available - especially Chrome integrated ones.
Neither would I like to use Wine/CrossOver Office to run older Office versions. Even tried Silvernotes but the latest version doesn't work with the Wine.

Today I finally stumbled into a really good one: Zim
Fedora 17 repository has the version 0.59 at the moment (although 0.60 is the latest) - see details here.
So to install simply type in terminal (yes, strangely with capital Z)
sudo yum -y install Zim
And let the fun begin:

Zim is still missing few important functions compared to OneNote:
  • no embedded tables - this is the biggest issue
  • insert images from clipboard by default. This should work with some plugin tweaking though
  • doesn't do math calculations as you type (the way OneNote does). Need to install a plugin and select execution from the menus
  • no insert new 'text box' functionality within a page
  • no drawing into the pages by default. Works with extra plugin
  • (no integrated sync option but with SpiderOak, OwnCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive (via InSync) that is not a problem)

Shortcomings maybe but no showstoppers. It is an excellent alternative and lets hope that the future brings even more functionality as this application really works for me.
In the end I am more interested how to organize the information in Notebooks, pages, sub-pages and journals; Zim offers OneNote like way to organize notes - something the other alternatives have been missing; the way I feel logical and comfortable.

BTW. Extra plus for high resolution icon - kind of sad to see excellent software like NetBeans still hanging into low def launch icons.

P.S. Few months ago there was a rumour that Microsoft would make Office available for Linux... It would make a lot of sense in many ways and depending on the pricing that could be interesting. Although seeing how Office 365 is priced at the moment (99€/year for 3 PC's) I wouldn't be fancy it.