Measy RC9 Air Mouse review

Air Mouse, what?

Well, my first thoughts exactly... It is really a (air) mouse with all the bells and whistles.

Familiar design?
Yep, the shape and size factors are exactly the same as Apple TV remote :-)
The difference:

  • built-in gyroscope
  • full mouse functionality
  • works on Linux, Android, OS X and Windows devices - works as full featured mouse and excellent for everyday use and presentations. Tested on Android 4.1.1 (works immediately (MK808B (USB-OTG port) and Asus Transformer TF201 (KB USB port, not rooted)), Ubuntu 12.10 (works immediately), Windows 7 (installs drived automatically) and OS X 10.8.3 (works immediately) 
  • made of plastic and feather light, feels way better on hand than the Apple TV remote (too narrow for hand and semi-sharp edges)
  • has re-chargeable lithium ion battery
  • 2,4G RF wireless with ready paired nano USB receiver (storage place located inside the stick for safe keeping)

And for the price of 15,99$ (free shipment) - you can get yours here.
Now that is what I call a good bargain - something for the Apple R&D to think about :-)

The package

Paper package with padding inside

Kind of tells the whole story.

Charging cable (no power/charger included but any USB charger will do. Charges really fast and charging last for a long time thanks to well working auto power off feature). Micro USB receptacle on the front of the remote.

Nano USB receiver. Storage location at the rear of the air mouse.

The conclusion

Solid BUY!
Works well on any platform out-of-the box and has many uses.
Will travel with me on my laptop case from here on after.