Give some LED love to your bicycle

We don't get too much sun light during most of the year (excluding the nightless summertime) here in Finland.

So how to make sure that the kids bicycles are visible during the darker days?
One handy gadget is Bicycle(/Car) valve leds.

I order mine from (located in Finland) and here us what the postman delivered in no time:

Packed in set of two

Batteries included (three batteries)

Sets of blue, yellow and green:

This clarifies why the leds work in bicycle and car; designed to fit two different set of valves.

The leds in action

Brighter than expected and work like charm (this pic is not taken by me but it shows exactly what to expect) 


The led activates when the wheel starts to spin and makes the bicycle very easily detectable. The batteries seem to last longer than expected and these seem to stand Finnish weather well. So buying is highly recommended to worrying parents.