Near Field Communication (NFC)

I guess it was bound to happen... I've been dying to get my hands on phone with NFC feature (like Samsung or latest Nokia gadgets; not so bleeding edge iPhone5/iPad doesn't have it) and didn't understand that my Nexus 7 & 10 have NFC. It is quite often the case that we don't utilize the full potential of the gadgets we have in our possession.

As a Finnish speaker these blogs opened my eyes ( and

So let the shopping begin

This seemed to be the best place to buy the NFC stickers:
TagAge has brilliant Starter Kit for a very competitive price.

The package

The package arrived within few days:

Android software

Google Play has plenty of NFC software to choose from. I decided to go with:

  • NFC Writer by Tagstand; excellent app to quickly write multiple NFC tags

  • NFC Task Launcher; want to launch multiple tasks with NFC tag? This is you app - see the app description to see allowed tasks... there is no shortage.

Both well made easy to use free apps from Tagstand.


Some usage ideas to start with:
  • URL links
  • Preformatted SMS/emails
  • Contact cards
  • Wifi access point settings(!)
  • Preprogrammed actions
    • nfc sticker to activate car settings like hands free pairing, gps, enhanced car dashboard app, etc
    • nfc sticker on a laptop: put phone on silent mode with vibrate (meeting setup)
    • nfc sticker to activate selected alarms (for morning alarms)
    • nfc sticker to activate home media settings (bluetooth pairing and spotify)
  • .... Wallet, authentication, tickets

The imagination seems to be the only limitation plus NFC is so dead simple to use that the technology is bound to be success (even though Fruits are missing it)