HDHomeRun - streaming TV to any gadget in the house

There was an article praising Samsung Galaxy S III on the Flipboard. The article also featured SiliconDust's HDHomeRun gadget that can stream TV/radio to any gadget at hand via ethernet. Yes, you read correctly, to any gadget - so far tried these:

  • Linux (but of course :-)) MythTV
  • Windows 7 Media Center
  • Android (tested so far Samsung Galaxy SII, Asus Transformer TF201, Nexus 7 & Nexus 10)
  • ... iPad2, the logic of the iPad app escapes me but I think it works :-)

  What can I say...

  • No more device specific USB etc TV tuners
  • Works on all gadgets
  • Excellent guide for any gadget, courtesy of SiliconDust
  • Price, very decent
  • 720p / 1080i when available 

So let the shopping begin

Ordering was easy and the delivery was very fast and here is what the box included:

The gadget is very small and has everything you need to get started.

The software on android

I use HomeRunTV app from Google Play; it is free app from HomeRunTV. You also need some free player to show the streaming; I use VPlayer
The app is pretty straight forward:

  1. select the broadcast type
  2. scan for the channels

Channels are listed and you can modify these and use filters too (screenshot from Nexus 7).

Channel listing in Samsung Galaxy SII

The streaming picture includes subtitles too; in Finnish below (you can adjust the appearance to your preferences)

There is plenty of setting to toy around

Something to notice:

  • You can adjust the zoom (1:1, stretch, etc)
  • You can take screenshots
  • ... and much more


The only one that I have so far noticed is the long period it takes to initiate the streaming (like 10-20 seconds) depending on the gadget. I am afraid that this is due to the hardware used in the HDHomeRun box.
So this is not really the gadget for impatient ones or channel surfers.
The box will also only support streaming to one device at a time.

The verdict

If the shortcomings above are not showstoppers for you I would recommend this.