Google Nexus 10, probably the best tablet at the moment

My Google Nexus 10 arrived finally last week.
Now that I have had time to play with it I am confident that it most likely is the best tablet available at the moment. I may be bias to Android tablets but the latest iPad looks like a relic compared to this gadget.

So to the details...


The packaging quality follows the Asus, Apple and earlier Google (Nexus 7) quality - just superb.

First impression

The back has Nexus and Samsung written on it.
The back side material is rubber like and feels excellent - not the cold feeling of metal like in iPads and Asus Transformers. The tablet sits in hands better than any other tablet so far.

Only 8.9 mm thick (I know, it is not the thinnest on the market but the rubber like back material is to blame) and weighting 603 grams is great and ideal for tablet this size (10,055 inch screen, 2560 x 1600 (300ppi)). All the measurements are superior compared to the latest iPad's (9.4 mm thick, 652 grams, 9.7", 2048 x 1536 (264ppi)).


The usual connectivity is there:
  • bluetooth
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (MIMO+HT40) and 
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Then comes the bonuses which really make this the best tablet at the moment:

  • NFC (Android beam)
  • Dual side NFC
  • micro USB - works with OTG(!)
  • micro HDMI
  • (the WiFi MIMO antenna is brilliant)

The good stuff

The ARM Cortex A15 and MIMO WiFi really make this tablet fly. Some test show that this is not the most powerfull tablet but I really can't see any lagging or performance issues on a daily use.
The Android 4.2 really delivers what it promises and what makes iPad's look like simple toys :-)
  • speakers; just unbelievable stereo sound! There are two speakers - one on each side of the screen. The audio is definitely the best ever so far seen or heard on the tablets (except the few Samsung tablets that use same setup). This is something that iPad's are missing and losing hands down.
  • customization of lock screen with multiple widgets; this is actually better than what Windows tablet introduces. I use HD widgets lock screen widget named 'half page' as primary screen that looks really good. 
  • profiles; just brilliant! Why didn't anyone come up with this earlier? Now everyone in the family can have their own profile with own apps, desktop and config. The way this has been implemented is also very good: primary user/owner control and apps installed only once with user specific config.
  • photo sphere; easy to use and lightning fast. Photo can be used as 360 panorama or as mind blowing real sphere

  • apps; Google Play has more than enough HD tablet specific apps. Honestly I don't know what the fuzz is about too few HD apps. Another thing that is missing from this debate is that screen resolution is excellent for those fabulous floating apps like AirTerm, Floating Browser Flux, etc that doesn't even exist on iPad. Basically you can have as many apps you want running at one time on the desktop; kind of like in Samsung Note series (multiview/splitted screen etc)

  • widgets; the essence of the Android. Never get enough :-)

  • USB On-The-Go (OTG); buy one from for example and you can use almost any of your favorite peripherals... BTW. that includes 3G/LTE dongle too :-)
  • the hidden stuff; the gadget geek in me likes all the hidden goodies in this tablet (
  • integration to Google services; this tablet is really ideal for SOME (Google+ and blogger to name few)
  • swype typing; it takes surprisingly short time to learn this feature and after that typing is really fast.
  • extra plus as always is the standard micro USB which allows charging with any usual charger I have in the house (Nokia's, HTC's, Samsungs, no brands, etc... 6 in total).
  • NFC is a nice feature. I use it to some extent with URL NFC stickers and as app launcher which makes life easier.


There are really not that many... memory card slot would be nice but then again cloud storage is tightly integrated and USB OTG adapter can be used allowing usage of cheaper full size USB memory sticks.
The screen is not as bright as the one of Asus Transformers, but so far the brightness has been more than sufficient.
3G/LTE version is missing... I usually use tethering on my Samsung mobile phone anyways so it is not a showstopper for me. The other problem with 3G/LTE is always the higher price that comes along with the feature plus expences from additional SIM card.
There is a reboot problem with Android 4.2 on this gadget but luckily it happens very seldom; some claim the location feature is to blame but I really can't confirm this. I read that few people have had issues with the WLAN dropping off occasionally but it doesn't seem to bother my usage/networks.

The verdict

Buy :-) This is the best tablet out there for now and its a bargain!